Immigration Bail Bonds Explained


The department of immigration and customs will arrest and detain people, it could happen that the detained person is a member of your family or friend. To have them freed you will have to make use of immigration bail bonds, during this time speed is of the essence. The end point is to free them so that they can await trial as directed on the particular date. If you can't acquire the bonds will see the person spend time in a cell until the day of trial. Before you begin with the process you need to understand that you will have to adhere with some strict protocols if your detained immigrant is to be freed. There exists two types of immigration bail bonds for aliens  that are in custody of the immigration department. The alien has an option of delivery bonds or voluntary debenture bonds.


The two types of bonds from houston immigration center are available for the illegal aliens that are considered to be a potential threat to national security. Dwelling on delivery bond, it is the type that an immigration judge or a customs agent will offer to the alien. This type bond will be offered to that alien that has a standing order where they will appear in court within a very short period.


Some particular delivery bail bonds will allow the alien to spend some time with their family and also find ice federal agency lawyer that will represent them. If a family member has agreed to fund the bail bond through a bonds man, they will be responsible for ensuring that the alien will   be present on all court summons that will take place in court once the alien has been released from the custody of the customs and immigration department.

With this particular bail bond, the alien will be set free  but has to meet certain conditions, they have to leave the country that they are being detained on a particular date and pay a specified amount of money  as will be specified by the customs and immigration department. When the immigration and customs department receives the money in full and the alien has departed, they will refund the money to the family. If you fail to leave the country while under voluntary debenture bail bond, the money will be forfeited to the immigration and customs enforcements. Know more about bail bonds at


Immigration bonds will not cost the same for everyone, some of the factors to look  at will be the employment of the alien and family history of the alien in the country. If it is determined that the flight risk of the alien is high you can be sure that the amount that will be demanded in bail will also be high. When it comes to customs refunding the money it could take some time, in some cases it has gone from an year to two years. Posting the bail is very important to the detained person as they can find a lawyer to help with the case and they can also enjoy family.

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